China International AgTech Exhibition

All for Agricultural Technology

  • 17-19 March, 2025

To Exhibit

/ueditor_img/1712034045.jpg1. Irrigation: agricultural irrigation equipment, gardening irrigation equipment, industrial drainage and irrigation equipment, precision irrigation, sprinkler irrigation machinery, micro-irrigation system, drip irrigation pipe (belt) and pipe fittings and other water-saving equipment, automatic control system, solar irrigation system, filter, water pump units, pipe fittings, valves, nozzles, fertilizer injection pumps, garden machinery, water-soluble fertilizers, integrated water and fertilizer facilities, and various irrigation accessories.
/ueditor_img/1712034106.jpg2. Greenhouse & horticultural materials: Greenhouse engineering, complete sets of greenhouses, greenhouse materials, greenhouse supporting systems, greenhouse skeleton structural parts, shed film, plant light supplement, thermal insulation quilt, rolling quilt motor, ventilation system, temperature control system, urban agriculture, sightseeing agriculture ; garden machinery, biological tissue culture, cultivation technology and equipment; soil additives, plug trays, nutrition bowls, nursery stock nutrition and gardening materials and various accessories, auxiliary materials, etc.
/ueditor_img/1712034129.jpg3. Seeds: vegetable seeds, flower seeds, grass seeds, forest seeds.
/ueditor_img/1712034156.jpg4. Agricultural aviation: agricultural aircraft and small unmanned aerial vehicles, agricultural aviation pesticide application technology and spraying equipment, agricultural aviation remote sensing technology, agricultural aviation special products, agricultural aviation flight safety equipment, aerial suspension sprinkler irrigation sprayer, etc.
/ueditor_img/1712034175.jpg5. Smart agricultural machinery: precision fertilization machines, planting robots, weeding robots, precision planting monitoring systems, and intelligent harvesting robots.